Ayurvedic Ghee (Clarified Butter)

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Amritprash Ghrit - For Male Potency (0.44 lb.)
AMRITPRASH GHRIT (0.44 lb.) For male potency Amritprash is one of the most highly regarded ..

Ashoka Ghrit -Ghee  Female Potency (0.44 lb.)
ASHOKA GHRIT (0.44 lb.) Female potency It is useful in rejuvenating and bringing ..

Ashwagandha Ghrit
ASHWAGANDHA GHRIT (0.44 lb.)  It is used as an aphrodisiac and a vata  balanci..

Ayurvedic Ghee (Ghrit)
GHEE The golden oil of Ayurveda Ghee is simply clarified butter — butter with all the milk-..

Brahmi Ghrit  (0.44 lb.)
BRAHMI GHRIT (0.44 lb.) As per Ayurveda Brahmi Ghrit is a traditionaly formulated tonic. ..

COCONUT GHEE The best of best
COCONUT GHEE, Virgin & Certified Organic. How many times we have walked into the super ma..

Jatyadi Ghrit
Jatyadi Ghrit Jatyadi ghrita is polyherbal Ayurvedic ghee which is applied topically to treat..

Kaunch Ghrit
KAUNCH GRHIT (0.44 lb) As per Ayurveda :   It is used as an aphrodisia..

Mahakalyan Ghrit
MAHAKALYAN GHRIT Contents: Mahakalyan ghrit Brihati root (Solanum indicum) Manji..

Mahatikta Ghrit
  MAHATIKTA GHRIT a poly-herbal, medicated Ayurvedic ghee. It is alterative and toni..

Panchatikta Ghee
Panchatikta Ghrit: As per Ayurveda Panchatikta Ghrita is an Ayurvedic medicine, in herbal..

Phal Ghrit - Support healthy Fertility in women (0.44 lb)
PHAL GHRIT (0.44 lb) For help in infertility As per Ayurveda Phalkalyan Ghrita is ..

Shatavari Ghrit (0.44 lb.)
SHATAVARI GHRIT (0.44 lb.) Feminine health As per Ayurveda Is used to help with cough..

Tikta Ghrit (0.44 lb.)
Excellent for cleansing the liver and vital organs. Made in small, careful batches, thi..

Triphala Ghrit - Eye Rejuvenation (0.44 lb.)
TRIPHALA GHRIT (0.44 lb.) Eye Rejuvenation Triphala is a known rasayana balancing all the..
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